"After spending years hating my body and banning swimwsuits from my life, I worked hard to make peace with my body and I finally found the joys going to the beach and the pool. Unfortunately the problem was to find swimwear that were both beautiful and adapted to my morphology, while being accessible in terms of price, and available in France. Faced with lack, I decided to create Terre Sainte Swimwear to help women to reclaim their bodies, to accept and love themselves as they are, especially in swimsuits.


Whatever their size, age, weight, origins or skin color, all women are beautiful and should feel good in their bodies. Far from advocating one morphology over another, Terre Sainte Swimwear wants to gather all women and encourage them to accept each other, to help each other and to raise each other because together we are stronger! Small, large, thin or round, all women should be able to choose their swimsuit according to their tastes and not limited choices that the current fashion offers because of their size. No to the diktat of the "bikini body" which tries to convince us that we have to have a perfect body to wear a swimsuit. If you have a body, you have a "bikini body". All you need is the bikini ... and that's why Terre Sainte Swimwear exists.


An Italian lycra of excellent quality, cuts studied to flatter all morphologies and a touch of sensuality, these are the ingredients that make my swimsuits unique pieces! From size 34 to size 48 (4 to 18 US and 6 to 20 UK/AU), every woman will be able to find the pieces that will enhance her and give her confidence in a bikini. And to regain your self-confidence is to reclaim your creative power! "Take your power back!"
And since I do not do things halfway, I also wanted this brand to be respectful of our wonderful planet. Let's be beautiful and confident in a bikini, but let's be smart and responsible by consuming and buying better.
I've chosen to create my swimwear with a fabric made with 78% ECONYL® yarn coming from fishing nets and other discarded nylons. I also limit the use of plastic and pledge to minimize my waste production.


Finally, concerned about the way my swimsuits are made, I chose a small factory in Mauritius that favors quality over quantity. Led by a woman, she employs seamstresses who, for more than 20 years for some, make with care and expertise a limited amount of swimsuits every month in order to bring each piece the attention it deserves. Well-defined work schedules, 2 days of rest per week and a living wage, all in a healthy environment and a family atmosphere.


Far from giving lessons or imposing my ideas, I just want to convey a more responsible and thoughtful fashion concept, and share a positive state of mind. More than selling swimsuits, I want to advocate diversity, the right to be different, the acceptance and especially the love of oneself and others.


“Power, Love & Bikinis”


Anaïs, Founder and Designer of Terre Sainte Swimwear